Why Train With KG Strong?

Philadelphia Personal Training, Kettlebell, and Yoga Classes

Founded by Philly Magazine’s 2017 “Best Personal Trainer” Katie Gould, KG Strong is one of Philly’s only female-owned and powered strength training studios, offering top of the line private training, Kettlebell specific coaching, small group training and Yoga.

At KG Strong we believe that strength training is the foundation of any fitness program, and that the benefits will last a lifetime. Whether your goal is to compete in a Kettlebell competition or to play with your grandkids, commitment to a regular and progressive strength training program will help you get there. Our elite team of trainers will teach you the skills you need to improve your strength and the KG Strong community will cheer you on the whole way.

Along with any good strength training program is a focused mobility practice, to increase joint range of motion and untap the potential for more power. Many of the KG Strong coaches are certified personal trainers, certified StrongFirst Kettlebell coaches and Yoga instructors. Our private training and small group training programs incorporate Yoga and other mobility and breathing techniques into every session. We believe that moving well with breath and alignment will enhance your overall strength and well being.

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1901 S 9th St. Room 206B
Philadelphia, PA 19148


(215) 395-3618

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