Fitness Travel Tips

Quick Tips for Fitness While Traveling

  1. Be flexible. No, I’m not talking about your hamstrings. If you know you’re going away for a few weeks, plan that into your program, so you can play around a bit. If you’re a gym rat like me, I’d encourage you not to go crazy trying to find a gym on your vacation, it will be there for you when you get back. Instead, why don’t you plan some outside adventuring; hike, bike, jog, swim, snorkel!
  2. Ok, so maybe you’re really like me, and you’re going away the week before a kettlebell certification and you need to practice your snatches. Before you go, research the local gyms and boutique fitness studios and find out what equipment they have. If they’ve got what you need, ask them what their drop-in fee is, or if they have a week-long pass. Once you’ve landed on a gym, decide which days you’re going to workout and for how long. Don’t let your workouts cut into your much-needed vacation time – get it done and get out!
  3. Are you driving? Great! Put a kettlebell in your trunk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve farmer carried my 16kg bell from the studio so I can bring it on a trip to the shore. It may be heavy, but it’s a relatively small, functional piece of equipment you can do so much with. In twenty minutes you can get your strength, mobility, and cardio with one simple tool.
  4. If you just need to sweat and you hate to run, here are five exercises that you can do anywhere that will work your whole body: Plank shoulder taps, prisoner squats, single leg deadlifts, push-ups, and supermans. For a more aerobic workout perform these exercises in a circuit for three to five sets of ten to fifteen reps.
  5. Take a class! When I go to visit friends, I love trying out their Yoga studios, dance classes, CrossFit gyms, etc. It’s actually really fun to be the new kid in class. You get adjusted in new ways, teachers offer unique and helpful tips, and you could meet some really cool people.