Elaine DiFeliciantonio (she/her) got into strength training as a way to continue to challenging her body after her athletic career ended. Soccer laid the foundation of endurance on which to build more power and strength and as she continued her training, the knowledge she gained about proper movement patterns and strength progression became a passion turned profession. As she embarked on the endeavor, she became a NASM certified personal trainer and a Strong First Level 1 instructor.

Her main focus is to connect people to their bodies and forge an everlasting bond between the two. Through continuing education Elaine wants to enhance her clients performance in the major movement patterns while unlocking the stability and mobility to make training a lifelong journey.

Her strength and endurance passions were fully realized when she was introduced to kettlebells. She is just as passionate about continuing to increase her strength and skills through Strong First certifications as she is about teaching them to her clients.