Noah Maxwell CSCS, SFG TL has more than 20 years’ experience as a Strength and Fitness coach. 

He has a BS in exercise science from Temple University, Certified strength and conditioning specialist CSCS, Strong First certified Team Leader, Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor, FMS II, FCS. He is a beast tamer, Sinister, TSC champion.

With an extensive background in martial arts and strength training, Noah makes an effort to do everything he asks his students to do. Noah’s teaching style is to focus on the details of how each drill is done as it relates to all of human movement. The goal of each class is to move better, feel better, and be stronger in all that you do outside of class. Teaching class with a focus on educating the how and why of the drills and exercised worked on. Class is open to all levels of fitness with drills being scaled to the individual. Expect to work and to be challenged in any of Noah’s classes.