Moving Your Workout Indoors (without sacrificing fun)

Well, I guess autumn is officially here.

With colder temperatures already here, many outdoor workouts will soon move inside. You may be dreading losing your sunny hikes and rooftop classes, but that doesn’t mean your only option is to suffer through a long and boring elliptical-centric winter.

And, of course, I don’t mean to equipment-bash. If ellipticals are your thing and you enjoy it, then go for it! But for some, we’re looking for something a bit more dynamic to spice it up.

Instead of plowing through seven days a week of only steady-state cardio, I encourage you to try at least three days of the week mixing up your workout routine.

Looking for three things to change it up? Below are three ideas…

Order a kettlebell

Do 10-20 minutes of kettlebell swings on the minute while watching your favorite programs, then crawl around your house while listening to your favorite tunes.

Learn to power lift

You heard me right. With a barbell, you can lift impressively heavy weights and get super strong while the ground outside freezes over. When the frost breaks, you may just emerge this spring with brand new muscles!

Join our Small Group Training program

Our expert coaches will have you moving in fun and innovative ways. You’ll strengthen and mobilize your whole body, and leave feeling energized and uplifted no matter how low the temperatures dip.

Feeling too intimidated to just dive in, or maybe want to take a few classes that will help you nail those foundational movements down? You can also now join our KG Strong Foundations Program–three private training sessions focused on the fundamental movements taught in our small group training program.

Either way, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a free consultation.

We have so many more ideas up our sleeves, and we’d love to help you out this winter!

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