Nutrition at KG Strong

Many of us feel stressed, seriously stressed. We over caffeinate and under sleep. We feel lost about what to eat and when, so we pick up the protein bar and coffee and call it a morning. When we don't prioritize our wellness, we feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

We've developed this one on one nutrition and mindfulness program, based in Ayurvedic principles to help you develop nourishing routines and healthy habits around food, sleep, and stress management, unique to your needs and goals, that will make you feel calm, balanced and clear minded.



Learn about the healing and balancing properties of your food, and how to adapt your routine for each season.

You know you need guidance and accountability when it comes to your strength training program, now let us help you with the other pieces of your routine.

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Program includes:

1x Week recording focusing on a unique topic each week including meal prep and recipe inspiration, portioning, hydration and sleep hygiene.

4 x 30 minute one on one virtual meetings

Weekly texts to encourage and support you during this process!

Downloadable recipes, healthy habit guides, and journal prompts.


Are you in?

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