Emma Cortese

Emma Cortese

Emma Cortese (she/her) is an adaptive athlete born with 7 fingers and upper limb structure differences! Being born without thumbs and different arm & hand anatomy never held her back from pursuing competitive sports and a career in fitness.

Emma was a lacrosse goalie and equestrian for over ten years. She has also competed and placed in three Figure Bodybuilding shows. She teaches Spin, HIIT style classes, and, for the last four years, was the operations manager & full-time instructor for a Megaformer Pilates studio.

Emma provides a unique perspective to personal and group training, offering adaptations and progressions so you can move in a way that is right and accessible for your body. She loves curating energetic, upbeat, eclectic playlists for her group classes!

Emma lives in South Philly with her husband Eric and cat, Lemon. She volunteers at a local organic farm and has her own Etsy shop, @Lemondclairecreative!

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