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Jess Harrison

Jess truly believes she is a product of her family, so while she grew up mostly in West Virginia they always instilled in her to explore the world and seek out learning opportunities. That mentality has permeated through her career and led her down a fairly unique road.

She completed her BS of Athletic training at West Virginia Wesleyan and then earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from USC. During her clinical practice it seemed that there was a divide between rehabilitation and strengthening. Driving her to incorporate more strength components as the foundation of her rehab programs. This led her to start training at KG Strong to build a better foundational knowledge and set the goal of completing her SFG Level 1.

During her time training she fell in love with concepts, skills and people at KG strong and was brought on as a coach! She has since passed her Level 1 and is continuing to work towards additional strength certifications to help elevate her coaching skills and physical therapy practice.

Come check out how she integrates physical therapy concepts into her strengthening training as a small group coach or with 1:1 personal training sessions. You can also explore the possibilities of receiving physical therapy treatment while in the KG space. Jess is a coffee fanatic so if you have questions, she is always happy to sit down and chat over a good cup.

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