Small Group Training

Come check out the small group training program at KG Strong, where we offer introductory and intermediate kettlebell instruction as well as conditioning, core, and yoga classes.

Yoga and Core Classes

View the Small Group & Yoga Schedules

Corporate & Company Fitness

We can teach in your office! Offer your employees a midday or afternoon cross training or yoga class. We can use a conference room or a big office–all you need is a change of clothes and a yoga mat. We have trained groups for the Ragnar races, Spartan events, and the Tour-to-Shore. It’s great for company morale and team building. End of the day Yoga is also a great way to relieve stress and re-energize after a long workday. We currently train fitness at several startups in Philadelphia and can provide great references.

Private Training

Train one-on-one, with a partner or in a semi-private group (3-4). I will take you through a movement assessment, discuss your goals and set up a training program that best suits your lifestyle and needs. I will teach you how to move better, and I will give you the skills to workout more efficiently on your own. Check out our personal training reviews or send us a message!

Katie Gould Personal Training

*Bok Tenant, Artist, & Student discount available | Contact us


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