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At KG Strong, one person’s success is everyone’s success. Studies show that training with friends and family can lead to greater weight loss and strength gains. At KG Strong we are building a community of friends, with differing goals, but a coherent drive to meet those goals. You will find that your peers are excited when you show up and will support you as you learn and improve new skills. As a team, you will get stronger, faster and more powerful.

We offer four different small group training classes at KG Strong. Varying your load intensity has been proven more effective than performing the same program every day, so we encourage our students to mix up their training, and try all we have to offer.

Kettlebell Foundations Class:

Learn the foundational Russian Kettlebell skills including the two hand and single hand swing, Turkish getup, clean, front squat and press. Your StrongFirst certified instructor will teach you progressions and regressions for each of these skills, so you can always scale to your present mobility and energetic potential.

Strength Endurance Class:

Using Kettlebells, pulleys, dumbbells, medicine balls and ropes, this is a high energy circuit style class in which you will perform high volume repetitions under a medium load. This class is great for endurance athletes looking to cross train and get stronger. If you’re a strength athlete, this class is great conditioning and won’t diminish your strength gains.

Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning:

This is the primary small group training class offered at KG Strong. You will improve your foundational Kettlebell skills and learn some more advanced complexes. The class combines Kettlebell training with other functional modalities including, dumbbell, barbell, rowing and running. Class begins with ten minutes of Yoga and core training, followed by skill-based strength training and high-intensity conditioning.

Intermediate/Advanced Kettlebell Training:

This class is open to students who demonstrate proficiency in their foundational Kettlebell skills. Students will learn the Kettlebell snatch as well as level II skills including the windmill, push press, jerk, and bent press. We use advanced Kettlebell complexes as the primary work sets and finish with challenging conditioning.


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