At KG Strong, one person’s success is everyone’s success. Studies show that training with friends and family can lead to greater weight loss and strength gains. At KG Strong we are building a community of friends, with differing goals, but a coherent drive to meet those goals. You will find that your peers are excited when you show up and will support you as you learn and improve new skills. As a team, you will get stronger, faster and more powerful.



Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning

Our Signature Class!

This is the primary small group training class offered at KG Strong. You will improve your foundational Kettlebell skills and learn some more advanced complexes. The class combines Kettlebell training with other functional modalities including, dumbbell, barbell, rowing and running. Class begins with ten minutes of Yoga and core training, followed by skill-based strength training and high-intensity conditioning.

Max Level Movement

This class is open to students who demonstrate proficiency in their foundational Kettlebell skills. Students will learn the Kettlebell snatch as well as level II skills including the windmill, push press, jerk, and bent press. We use advanced Kettlebell complexes as the primary work sets and finish with challenging conditioning.

Foundational Strength & Conditioning

Learn and hone foundational strength skills and patterns. This class is great for beginners who want to learn the basics, and will continue to challenge you as you become more familiar with strength training. We won’t throw lots of technical Kettlebell drills at you, but you will definitely sweat and build muscle, while also building confidence and skills!

Kettlebells and Core

Combining two of our signature classes–Kettlebells strength and conditioning and core flow, we bring you a total body workout with extra focus on your abs! The first forty minutes will include circuits of some of your favorite functional conditioning drills, followed by twenty minutes of mat core work.