Eat Your Heart Out – A Small Group Nutrition Program

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Cristina Hoyt, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, helps women end chronic dieting and negative body image by simplifying nutrition and reframing eating healthy as an act of self-appreciation rather than punishment all while bringing pleasure and enjoyment into eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

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What You Can Expect with our Work Together


“Before meeting with Cristina, I had a poor body image, felt un-sexy and for years had been trying the latest diet fads to try and look model-skinny. I always had a hard time accepting my body. I can remember feeling self-conscious as far back as the 3rd Grade. Cristina’s recommendations were tailor-made and presented in gradual steps to meet my bigger goals. This made them feel achievable. My favorite part was definitely the undivided attention Cristina gave me during our sessions. She made our sessions feel like a safe haven free of judgment or criticism. Any suggestions that she made came from a place of educated experience and the desire to help and support a fellow sister. I expected to learn about nutrition, but what I received was a coaching journey through my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.” – Alicia

“Before working with Cristina, I was feeling sluggish, exhausted, bloated and uncomfortable. With her sugar detox, I was able to lose about 10lbs and keep it off which was awesome! Since my SIBO/leaky gut diagnosis, she has been a huge support in making sure I am feeling okay, helping me implement an effective healing diet to address my SIBO and leaky gut, and being empathetic to how hard the drastic change was and ultimately went on to lose over 30lbs!” – Lauren

“Think of Cristina as your best friend, nutritionist, mindset guru, and cheerleader all into one! She will help you break the cycle of disappointment and failed diets, so you can start enjoying your food and body. Cristina will not tell you what to eat, how to eat, or what exercises to do. You won’t have to count calories, worry about macros (what are these anyway?) or the latest workout fad. Instead, she’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing, so you can use food to fuel your body, spirit, and mind.” – Cici

“Thank you, Cristina, for being an amazing coach and friend during this process. I have learned so much, especially about myself. I have the knowledge and will to continue to live my best life honoring my body, mind, and spirit, and encourage others to do the same.” – Monica