Yoga Classes

At KG Strong we believe that in order to increase your strength and power you must move well–meaning that you can move your muscles and joints through a healthy range of motion. At KG Strong, Yoga is our primary mobility practice and we incorporate applicable poses into the warmup or cooldown of our strength sessions. We also offer hour-long Yoga classes as a compliment to a regular strength and conditioning program. Studies show that too much high-intensity exercise can have a negative effect on the body. Though we know how tempting it can be to go hard five days a week, it is important to include active rest and self-care in your program to avoid overtraining and injury. Many of the KG Strong Trainers are also certified Yoga instructors who practice Yoga on a regular basis.

Core Classes

Our Core Strong class is a forty-five minute mat class, focusing on core stability, posture, and hip, shoulder and t spine mobility. Inspired by pilates, Dt. Stuart McGill and the Functional Movement Systems, this class is designed to help students who are transitioning back into exercise and need to redevelop their core control and for students looking to improve their weightlifting form and strength potential. When swinging a Kettlebell, it is imperative that you have a strong core and good posture in order to avoid low back injury. We encourage our students to practice ten minutes of core work every day and to come to Core Strong as often as possible.

Rooftop Yoga

Beginning with the Bok Rooftop program in 2014, Katie began teaching rooftop events around the city. Bok Rooftop yoga is now a full-fledged event featuring some of Philly’s top Yoga instructors, drawing hundreds of students throughout the summer. Katie has expanded her rooftop classes to many other places around this city including the Free Library of Philadelphia and One South Broad. Rooftop Classes are followed up with a sweet sunset happy hour either on the roof or with a partnering bar– because who doesn’t love a little rose at the end of a hot summer day.

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Yoga Breakfast Club

Yoga Breakfast Club started as a grassroots community event in Katie’s home. Driven by her love of teaching and community engagement, she opened her doors to students, friends and neighbors for an hour of mindful-movement and a home-cooked breakfast in her South Philly living room.

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