Rachel H.

“As a lifelong runner (and one whom suffers from back injuries), I have never felt comfortable in any weight training group. I jumped around from class to class but struggled to find a place that I felt was there to help me with my own goals (become a strong better runner) and didn’t just push me into picking up the heaviest thing I could at any cost. I have been with the KG strong group for six months now and I cannot believe I am saying that I look forward to my kettle bell classes! After the first few classes with trainer Anna Claire, I felt completely at ease and knew she was there to help me accomplish my goals. Anna Claire spent time in each class ensuring I had proper form and appropriate weights for my skill level (which I will admit was embarrassingly low when I first started). Not only did she raise my confidence with patience and time she raised my skill level as well. To this day, I surprise myself with what I am able to accomplish without ever feeling pressured. I’m very thankful I found this amazing group (I’ve worked with all the trainers at this point whom are all wonderful) and found a trainer that instilled confidence in me in an area I thought was just ‘never going to be my thing.’ Thanks for proving me wrong KG STRONG!”

Nicole H.

“I always look forward to my training sessions with Katie. She is so creative in how she designs our weekly workouts that she is constantly keeping me challenged and interested. Since I’ve started training with Katie, I’ve seen big improvements in my strength and tone. One thing I especially like about Katie is that she is very responsive to adjusting her workouts to what I specifically want to work on each week. Katie has also taught me a lot about training and form so my solo workouts have improved. I highly recommend Katie. She is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with.”

Sharon S.

“Training with Katie has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for myself. I can’t express how excited I was when I began to see my body become more lean and toned. From week to week we would joke about how my sweatpants were falling down. She encourages you to push yourself to the max — and is always introducing new and fun exercises to keep things interesting. I only wish I had done this 20 years ago!”

Lori K.

“Katie was recommended to me by younger sister. I have a sedentary job and hadn’t worked out in over a year. Katie asked what my goals were in starting a new fitness program and listened when I said primarily strength, although I was hoping a by-product would be some weight loss. Katie has a distinct training method, which works well for me. She always mixes up the workout to keep it interesting – I don’t think we have ever done the same routine twice. She always makes sure I stretch before and after, and will tailor the routine based on any pains or areas of concern. She is very sensitive to my ability, when I am being lazy or wimpy and when I am truly fatigued. She is tough and sweet at the same time. In 12+ weeks of training with Katie, I have seen a difference in my body shape and real improvement in the strength in my back, arms and legs. I would highly recommend Katie if you are serious about wanting to improve your fitness/health.”

Erica B.

“The beautiful way Katie corrects your form is that I never felt I had failed; rather I felt as though I was almost there and her nudge took me to the next level, of flexibility, strength and pure enjoyment of the movement at hand. I would recommend her to anyone — novice or master.”


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