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Where do I start?

Our KG Strong community is one of the most supportive and encouraging fitness communities around. With a little individualized attention, we think you'll feel ready to make it your strength home.

Getting started is easy. Just follow these three steps…

1. Schedule your Free Intro

You'll meet with a coach and chat about your goals and fitness history, then we'll guide you towards the fitness plan that will help you reach it.

2. Move forward with Foundations

Our unique one-on-one ramp-on program. In these three private training sessions, your coach will teach you the deadlift, swing, Turkish Getup, clean, front squat, press and snatch.

Our goal is to make sure you feel prepared and confident to join our small group sessions.

3. Choose a membership

Choose a membership that best suits your goals, schedule, and budget. Whether you'd like to train 8x a month or every day of the week, in person, or on Zoom, we've got something for you!

Members can enjoy free merchandise, members-only events, Facebook groups, downloadable programs, and complimentary goal review sessions, and of course, access to some of Philly's best fitness coaches!

Memberships start at $199.

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About the Intro Session

But that first step is the most important step, the key to your success here: the Free Intro Session.

Our free intro session is a low-key way for us to figure out what the best program is for you.

You’ll chat with one of our awesome coaches about your goals, interests, and fitness history. Then, we’ll guide you through some light movement to gauge your fitness level.

You won’t be thrown into a crazy workout or tested, just listened to by someone who wants to help.

From there, the choice is yours. We cannot wait to work with you!

Get Started

KG strong trainer and student

"I am obsessed with KG Strong! At first I was really afraid of weight lifting but now that I've discovered the welcoming, down-to-earth, supportive atmosphere at KG Strong I'm totally hooked. The small group classes are the perfect balance for me - I love that I get personalized attention without necessarily being the complete center of attention. The community is also a great perk, I've made actual gym friends thanks to my weekly appearances at KG Strong and I find that the people in class cheer me on and celebrate my wins with me. And the teachers always provide helpful modifications, whether you're in-person or virtual."

– Rachel

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