Private Training

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We make it personal.

We think personal training is the most efficient, effective, and safe way to start your fitness journey.

Get a personalized plan from one of our expert coaches whose primary focus will be you and your specific goals. Whether you are looking to get out of pain or deadlift your body weight, your coach has the experience and knowledge to help you get results and feel your absolute best.

Our KG Strong team is here to guide and encourage you, and we know that you’ll make progress if you prioritize your health.

“Katie is so knowledgeable about the human body and how it works—and by now, she really knows what my body needs and what it can do—and I never leave a session with her without feeling as if I have done my best. Whether I work with Katie one-on-one or take a multi-person class, I know that she will give me the personal attention and focus to ensure I'm working at my optimal level.

– Lucinda

What to Expect

Results come from consistency, frequency, and hard work. We recommend that you plan to work out between three and five times per week, either in a private or group setting or on your own when appropriate.

We offer 60, 45, and 30-minute private training memberships. We also offer partner and semi-private training memberships at a discounted rate.

Ready to get started?


“I am not sure where I would be without this community and I would recommend everyone and anyone no matter what your fitness skill level may be, to give KG Strong, their coaches, and their wonderful members a visit as I can 110% guarantee you will not regret it & they will invite you in with the most open & strongest of arms!”

– Liz

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