Small Group Training

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“Like personal training with friends.”

We believe our small group training should stay small. That’s why we limit classes to 12 students.

It’s our goal to make group sessions feel like private training with a bunch of friends–friends that will hold you accountable and support you as you continue your fitness journey with us. Each class is led by certified trainers that allow you to progress and get strong at your own pace.

Join our small group training to feel good, have fun, and see serious results.

You in? Check out some of our classes below, or check out our schedule to see what’s happening today.

I went from never having picked up a kettlebell to being able to do a pull-up within a year. It has meant the world to my mental and physical health over these past few years to have the space to feel strong, supported, and confident.

– Alethia

Start Here

KG Strong Foundations

Get started with KG Strong Foundations. If this is your first time joining us, start here.

In three 60-minute private training sessions, learn the fundamental skills taught in our small group training program. Start class feeling confident and ready to take on our fun, dynamic workouts!

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Our Signature Class!

Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning (hybrid)

This is our most popular small group training class, the next step after our Foundations course.

The class combines kettlebell training with other functional modalities including dumbbell, barbell, rowing, and running. You will improve your foundational kettlebell skills and learn some advanced techniques.

Class begins with ten minutes of yoga and core training, followed by skill-based strength training and high-intensity conditioning.

Take it to the next level

Advanced Kettlebell

Our Advanced Kettlebells class is for fitness coaches looking to take their kettlebell training to the next level, as well as for members with six months or more experience with kettlebell-specific training.

Learn and practice next-level kettlebell complexes and technical skills like the Double Clean and Jerk, Bent Press, and Double Bell Snatch. If you're considering a kettlebell certification or competition, this class will help you get there.

Be sure to sign up for the in-person class if you plan to attend in the studio, and don’t forget to send us a photo of your vaccine card!

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Parents in Motion with hyphen

Parents In Motion

Mondays and Wednesdays 11AM

Introducing "Parents In Motion" – our strength class designed for parents. This baby-friendly, supportive environment incorporates functional strength training moves that mimic your daily activities, from squats to core recovery exercises. It's a fun and challenging experience, tailored to your needs and less technically demanding than our standard kettlebell classes.

Kettlebell Express

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12PM

Introducing "Kettlebell Express" – the perfect solution for those with busy lives and limited time. This class, led by founder, Katie Gould, offers the same dynamic blend of mobility, strength, and conditioning as our signature Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Class, but it's designed to get you in and out in just forty-five minutes. You can expect a well-rounded and challenging workout that fits into your schedule, ensuring you can maintain your fitness goals without compromise. Join us for a quick, effective, and energizing workout!

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Beehive Babysitting

Want to workout on the weekend kid-free? Beehive is now providing babysitting for $10/hr per kid for our Sunday 9 am Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning and 10 am Yoga class.

You must register for babysitting 48 hours before class.

After my first class, I was hooked! Not only did I have a great workout with superb coaching, I felt welcomed to the class and didn't feel that the room was dominated by any "alpha" personalities that tend to be present at CrossFit and other types of gyms. I love that each coach has their own style that emphasizes different movements, which meant that I was truly taking a holistic approach to my physical health. Thank you, KG Strong!

– James

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