Strong Mom Series

Post-Partum Strength Training

You showed amazing strength and endurance in bringing a new baby into the world.

Now, not only are you recovering from childbirth, but you also have a big-ass baby you have to carry, pick up, roll around with, and eventually chase after.

You want to build on the strength you cultivated during your pregnancy and enjoy your time playing with your child.

You know you need to strength train, but you don’t know what to do and you really need someone to hold you accountable. We totally understand!

KG strong trainer and a baby
Katie exercising with a kettlebell

Join Katie Gould, mom and founder of KG Strong, for a semi-private, eight-week, postpartum strength series starting March 8th 2022.

Katie continued her resistance training program for 39 weeks of her pregnancy and returned to strength training at six weeks postpartum. With a focus on corrective exercise, breathing, and core stability, she was able to safely make her way back to pullups, deadlifts, snatches, and more.

Now she’d like to help other moms regain their strength! Starting March 8, Katie will lead you through two four-week blocks, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays in person or on Zoom.

This is a program for busy parents who want to regain their strength and meet the physical demands of new parenthood in an efficient and effective manner.

In this ten session series you will:

Find the support you need for the physical and emotional challenges of new motherhood

Make time for fitness in an efficient and effective manner

Learn breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and optimize your movement

Engage and relax the pelvic floor

Relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain

Gain muscle, strength, and energy to keep up with your growing baby

Program includes:

16 x 45 Minute Semi-Private Training sessions

Private Facebook Group

Core exercises to do at home

Limited to five clients

Are you in?

What moms are saying

The Strong Mom Strength Series is exactly what I didn't know I needed and in so many ways. As a first-time mom about 3.5 months postpartum, I didn't know where to start with "getting back in the saddle" with exercise. All I knew is that I didn't feel comfortable going right back to what I was used to doing in terms of exercise before growing and birthing a tiny human. Katie has put together an amazing program that has made me feel stronger and more comfortable in my body; moreover, I have loved interacting with the other moms. Getting stronger in such a supportive environment has helped me beyond words. I can't recommend this program enough!

- Flannery

When I first heard about the Strong Mom Strength Series, I knew it was something I wanted to try. I was about five months postpartum and felt like a stranger in my own body. After eight sessions with Katie, I’m starting to feel like myself again. My core and legs are noticeably stronger, I have less neck and shoulder pain and stiffness and I feel motivated to continue building my strength and mobility. I highly, highly recommend this program!

– Alex

Friends have been raving about KG Strong for years, so Katie and her company have been on my radar for some time. The Strong Mom Series was an excellent way to begin to feel more like myself after the birth of my baby. I'm a dancer who hasn't danced in quite some time, and I needed some accountability for starting to incorporate exercise back into my life. It felt so great to connect with my body in this new way and to connect with other new parents who are doing the same. The semi-private structure allowed for a lot of attentive instruction. Highly recommend!

– Sara

KG strong student and baby
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