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Weekly Yoga at KG Strong

We believe there is more to fitness than strength. That’s why many of our classes, events, and training sessions include yoga.

While we include yoga in many of our classes, events, and training sessions, we also provide yoga classes throughout the year.

Join us virtually on Fridays at noon, or in person on Sundays at 10 am for a rejuvenating and restorative all-levels yoga class. Come to calm your mind, body, and nervous system and actively recover from your challenging week of strength training. This class is included for Unlimited Small Group training members and is available to all.

Check out our schedule to see when we’re holding our next one!

Want to workout on the weekend kid-free? Beehive is now providing babysitting for $10/hr per kid for our Sunday 9 am Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning and 10 am Yoga class.

You must register for babysitting 48 hours before class.

On top of our regularly scheduled yoga classes, we also host yoga events over the summer.

BOK Rooftop Yoga

When Katie began teaching classes around Philly in 2014, she started with Bok Rooftop Yoga. Bok Rooftop Yoga is now a full-fledged event featuring some of Philly’s top yoga instructors, drawing hundreds of students throughout the summer.

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 pm, from April to October.

KG strong on rooftop yoga

Yoga Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is like the early-rising sister to Rooftop Yoga.

Yoga Breakfast Club started as a grassroots community event in Katie’s home.

Driven by her love of teaching and community engagement, she opened her doors to students, friends, and neighbors for an hour of mindful movement and a home-cooked breakfast in her South Philly living room.

It has since moved to the Bok Rooftop.

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