Why Primal Movement Workouts Are All The Rage

Here at KG Strong, we like to create functional workouts: workouts that help you feel better when doing the tasks you do every day. Whether that’s carrying more grocery bags from your car to your home, pulling your kid in a sled, or simply improving your day-to-day posture, our workouts are designed to help you do what you do outside of our walls.

Not only do we focus on modern-day functional workouts, but many of our workouts are designed with our more primal instincts in mind.

Huffington Post interviews our own Katie Gould on how we use primal workouts to train how our bodies were built to train.

“It’s the idea that these are things that we needed to do long before weights were invented or kettlebells were designed,” said Katie Gould, the founder of KG Strong, a strength-training gym in Philadelphia. Things like pulling ourselves up on a tree branch or carrying food home.

“These are things that one had to do to live and survive,” Gould said, noting that they’re instinctual movements. As babies, “we lie on our back, we roll onto our bellies, we push up into a tabletop position, we eventually get ourselves into a deep squat, and we make our way up to standing. Nobody’s teaching us how to do that — we’re learning how to do that because … we needed to learn how to walk and to feed ourselves and take care of ourselves.”

It’s a kind of movement that is fueled by necessity — and though we may not need to be as physical as our ancestors were, there are benefits to doing so. Here, experts share what those benefits are and how to infuse primal movement into your exercise routine.

Read the full article here.

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